The Mechanic


Eddie’s chest hurt. His tense body seemed to be crushing itself, and his head throbbed with that recurring migraine again.

He picked up his tools and got back to work removing the door panel of an old Audi.

A phone rang from inside the office. Eddie didn’t answer. His mobile beeped on his workbench. He already knew the message would be from his landlord demanding rent money he didn’t have. Or the bank calling to repossess his beloved truck.

With a pull the door panel came away. Eddie’s heart stopped. Wrapped in plastic, were bundles of money.

97 words


Substitute the word “money” with anything else missing or desirable in your life, and here’s wishing you get it! Be it love, joy, clarity, contentment, peace. (Because money, though useful, doesn’t solve everything)

I would love to return to a peaceful state of mind that the new year has somehow managed to wrangle from me. Inner peace starts within. What you resist, persists. I’ll begin with accepting the madness and chaos that I find myself in… that usually quietens the restlessness.


This was written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle where we’re challenged to write flash fiction in 100 words or less. Try it! Submit your work to the frog link, or click the frog to view others.


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