Swat – A locust’s perspective

PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

I creep upward, gripping the slippery black dome. Out of view and hidden. In case some screeching human sees fit to swat me to allay their fears.

Humans. They filled up every space. There is one scratching his beard, looking intently at one of those layers of black and white they use to swat at us. Here is two more chatting to each other. One smaller limbed, more dainty than the other.  Humans. Their voices and movements creating an incessant buzzing and thumping.

Smack! I twitch reflexively. The dainty human swats the bigger one. It’s face red on one side.

100 words


Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by the awesome Rochelle. Read more flash fiction here. Or give flash fiction a try and join us!

34 thoughts on “Swat – A locust’s perspective

    1. Thank you Neil! This was a fun piece and definitely challenging for me to write as I found I couldn’t say words like reading and newspaper and woman. What would locusts know about these things? I’m glad it was a pleasant surprise for you in the end.


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