PHOTO PROMPT © Jellico’s Stationhouse

He walked right in, tiny and black. Meowing right and left he greeted my receptionist, the people waiting to see me and strolled on. Never mind appointments.

Dry leaves clung to his ragged fur. He sauntered over to my chair, sat by my feet and looked up at me. I noticed the white under his chin, and on his paws. It was there in that moment, the stray tuxedo chose me to be his owner.

That evening, I wondered what to call him. He lurched and pounced at shadows on the walls. I smiled. It suited him well: Shadow.

99 words


The first thing that struck me was the shadows of the image and went with that.

This story is based closely to how my cat adopted me 🙂 Strolling into my office, hungry and dirty. Rosie is now recovering from malnutrition and ringworm infection.  I suspect she spent some time with a stray dog; she chews everything.

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. Thanks to Jellico Stationhouse for the intriguing image. Challenge yourself to write a story in 100 words or less. Click to see more stories here.




51 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. Dear Fatima,

    Growing up, I had a friend who had a cat named Shadow. I simply loved this piece. Cats have such unique personalities. I know this for I’ve been owned by a cat or two. Well done.



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    1. Wow what a coincidence! I wish I had named her Shadow, because she follows me everywhere. I love their fussy, holier than thou attitudes. Yet they’re so affectionate. Thank you Rochelle.


  2. Awww, she’s beautiful! Love the direction you chose to take with the photo. Filled me with a smile, and an urge to scratch a feline chin.

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  3. Very nice story, but I like the real one that it’s based on better for being real 🙂 How did she even know who to go to? Sometimes I think cats (and other animals) have senses that us humans have forgotten….

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    1. That’s quite true Trent. They seem to know things we do not. She knew I couldn’t let a kitten go homeless and later, run over. Tried to look around for nearby owner, but nobody claimed her. Thank you for your comments!

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  4. I love the whole idea of the cat waltzing into your office without an appointment. Such serendipity.
    We adopted our second dog a few years ago. She was two at the time and our Border Collie, Bilbo was 8. I wondered what Bilbo thought of this intruder…whether he’d be pleased to have a young girlfriend turn up or hostile to the intruder. Well, we had a front door dog and a back door dog for two weeks and then they were fine and looked out for each on walks etc.
    Lady was just what Bilbo needed at the time. He was quite overweight and stiff from arthritis and couldn’t get up on our laps anymore. That was why we were getting the second dog. Anyway, he soon lost a lot of weight and regained his mobility and felt much more comfortable with other dogs at the beach. Lady had been living with her dog family so she knew what it was to be a dog and part of a pack and has helped Bilbo fully appreciate what it means to be a dog. It was so meant to be.
    Best wishes,

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    1. What a heartwarming story! Seems like Bilbo just needed some inspiration to recover his dog traits. And Lady brought so much joy into your home too. Thank you for sharing this lovely story Rowena. Serendipity is right. It has very much felt like fate brought her into our lives too. 😊


  5. I love this. Such a sweet story and such a cute kitty. Cats know their people. I’m owned by a 17-year-old tabby who belonged to my mother, then my mother in law–I promised them to take care of him if they couldn’t any longer. Sweetest and cleverest cat I ever had, I hope he’ll be around for years to come.

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  6. Cute story, Fatima, and great use of the prompt. I don’t think anyone ever actually owns a cat, but are merely selected to be the cat’s servant. They can be very affectionate–when they choose to be. 🙂

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