Candy’s crush

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Few people peppered the diner. Candy preferred it this way. Quiet and intimate. She slid into a booth by the window, checked her watch.

They met here everyday at eleven. It was her secret.

Across the street she watched him leave his office. Her breath caught in her throat as he entered the diner. She loved the grey suit he wore today. Complemented his eyes. Deep blue. At the counter she knew he was ordering a cappuccino. Take away. His eyes roamed the diner not really settling on anything. Or anyone.

They met everyday at eleven. It was her secret.

100 words

***At the risk of being a stalker, Candy pursues her love interest from a quiet corner of an old diner. Written for Friday Ficitoneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle. Check out her blog where you may see more of her writing and books. Thank you to Roger Bultot for the this week’s photo prompt.

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