Sheltering hope

PHOTO PROMPT Β© Dale Rogerson


Janna had often thought of Uzair over the years and the memories always offered her some joy through the sadness. The memory she favoured the most was not their wedding day, or the day they bought their first home.

It was when they were both much younger, their first real interaction after fleeting glances. He had presented her with a marigold plucked from the gardens.

So when the package arrived on her doorstep, sheltering a single marigold, she went numb. Then an impossible realisation pierced through the confusion, radiating through her in an instant, her heart pounding. He was alive.

100 words


Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle, where the challenge is to write an entire story in 100 words or less.

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30 thoughts on “Sheltering hope

    1. I left it open to readers’ interpretation. But perhaps it was too open ended for a story. And needed some clues inserted to where he has been. In my mind he disappeared, presumed dead and for some reason couldn’t just come back. Due to some danger either to him or his wife. But wanted to contact his wife discreetly in a way she would know what it meant.

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  1. Dear Fatima,

    I would love to have known where he’s been all this time. Perhaps a line inserted to clue the reader in. I realize that word limit can be quite the challenge. In any event, I love the way he let her know he’s alive. Nicely done.



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    1. Thank you Rochelle. And I appreciate the constructive feedback! I realise now it’s probably not a complete story and needed those clues. As I was writing it I imagined him disappearing years ago, presumed dead after a while. Then due to some danger, he couldn’t come back right away and sent a message to his wife in a way she would know what it meant.


    1. Thank you Penny! Yes that’s how I pictured her reaction. Or rather her reaction would show that his disappearance was involuntary and forced upon them. And she was just happy he was alive. Glad you picked up on that. 😊

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  2. The burst of hope at the end of this story is wonderful. Maybe he was missing in action, or an a secret mission or unwanted by his governemen. Sending such a lovely gift only she understands speaks volumes.

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