The naked truth



Sweaty palms and a knotted stomach would not stop her. As a model she never thought she’d take off her clothes for money. But she had to eat and she had to pay the rent on her tiny apartment. All temporary until she got noticed, of course.

“Melody, are you ready?” a man with a silly french beret peeked out from behind a heavy  door.

Nodding, she followed him into the whitewashed room. With a tug her robe loosened and fell to the floor.  As Melody posed, serious faces peered out from behind easels. Eyes darting from model to canvas.

100 words


Hope you enjoyed this flash fiction. Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by leading lady in flash fiction, Rochelle. Write a story in 100 words or less.

Click here to read other’s flash fiction and get a different perspective of the same image. Thanks to Ted Strutz for this week’s curious image.

Click here to read other’s flash fiction and get a different perspective of the same image.



51 thoughts on “The naked truth

  1. The first time I was an undergrad many decades ago, students would volunteer to be nude models. I was very young and when this attractive woman removed her robe and posed nude for the class, my brain jammed for about thirty seconds. After that, I picked up my pencils and got to work. It’s not easy being the artist either.

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    1. I tried to portray the artists in a serious, self-centred way. She was worried about baring all, but in the end they were not even thinking of it much. Simply indulging in their creative ‘masterpieces’. Thank you, Penny!

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    1. Dropped that ‘beret’ hint before the big twist, thought the story would flow better. And yes, she earned very little, because as I learned from the comments, most of these models do it on a volunteer-basis! Thank you, Bjorn!


    1. As a writer I love offering up a different perspective to the reader, so I’m glad to have let you glimpse a past situation from the model’s POV. Thank you, Rochelle!


  2. Good tale of modeling… sometimes you do whatya gotta do to survive. I can imagine her surprise when she saw all those faces looking at her.

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  3. Oh so well done. There is no shame indeed in being a nude model. There are definitely less attractive things she could have ended up doing.

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  4. At first I missed the twist other folks noted – but then I got it – it could have been first viewed as being a hooker but then she was an art model – right?
    either way – nice writing – succinct and could feel her plight –
    was she standing in front of the circle sculpture?

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    1. Hi there! Yes that’s exactly it. Hooker or exotic dancer. And in the end it was relatively harmless. The circle (bicycle wheel?) sculpture did not feature directly in the story. I used the prompt’s art theme for my flash fiction. Thank you for reading!

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  5. this is a nice article.I like the ambiguity. The bare truth has something very positive for me in the first place. Because it means trusting and opening someone up. Trust is something very personal, beautiful and valuable.
    Doing something just for the money and then something, you do not like is always bad. How bad it is for the person depends what it is and on their personal attitude. For me, it would be too very bad, although I know that it has nothing to do with eroticism and I should not feel bothered. I studied art myself. The nude models were mostly artists themselves and there was never, even for a second, anything erotic in the air (at least not for me, but I can not imagine myself with the others).


    1. Opening up to others can be difficult as it means being vulnerable. Although the truth can set you free it can hurt in the process too. I agree with you doing something you don’t like purely for the money is not good. In some cases it feels as if you have sold your soul to the devil. Thank you for your insightful thoughts, Anie. 😊

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      1. That’s right, to open up is to be vulnerable. You should think twice about whom to open up to. If you open yourself up to your partner, it can be painful, but also create a very deep connection. Such trust should never be misused for moral reasons. Yes and unfortunately it happens that one has the feeling of having sold his soul to the devil. that is a bad feeling but there is nothing that you can not regret and get forgiven. It is still time to mend and repent.


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