Cold tea and cigarettes



Viggo awoke to the aroma of spiced tea. Smiling sleepily, he reached across the bed towards her but his hand fell on worn sheets.

He bolted upright. The boat lulled gently in the tide.

A single cup of tea sat on the counter by the sink. And a packet of his favourite cigarettes.

Lighting one he blew grey smoke around his tiny cabin. He loosed a slow sad chuckle. She was saying goodbye in the best way she knew how. Tempest, his beautiful gypsy woman of never-ending horizons was gone.

He sipped his tea. Cold from waiting too long.

99 words

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by leader Rochelle. The challenge is to write a story in 100 words or less.

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35 thoughts on “Cold tea and cigarettes

  1. ‘ cold from waiting too long’ . So sad yet so beautiful. I loved the Gypsy woman’s name and that she was a ‘never ending horizon’.
    Beautifully written tale.

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  2. I love this… and now, for some strange reason, have the song by Rufus Wainwright “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk”
    This was beautifully done, Fatima

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  3. really well done – felt like much more than 100 words here –
    and i felt the coldness of the tea and his being left – while it also seemed he understood – 🙂

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  4. Fatima,
    Excellent use of language in this one. I’d like to pick out my favorite sentence but I’d have to cut and paste the whole thing. You do so much with just a few words. This story reads almost like a haiku that builds and then releases to me. Very well done.

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    1. Hi Anne, your words have touched my writer’s heart and I’m feeling so encouraged. Thank you for your affirmation of my story! I’m thrilled you connected with the story too.


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