Sunday lunch


She leaned back in the chair, the cold wrought iron pressing into her back. Through her grief a smile rose to her mouth. Countless Sunday lunches, warm garlic breads and ice cold lemonades. She could almost hear the chatter, the laughter ringing around the table. Young and old.

A hand touched her shoulder, she didn’t have to look to know it was her brother, Barry.

“C’mon sis, I’ll make you some tea. Let’s go inside.”

She stood up and took one last look at the chair where Dad always sat. Sunday lunch would not be the same without him.

99 words

Hooray! My picture was chosen for this week’s flash fiction, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Thank you, group leader, Rochelle!!!!I took this picture while on holiday, and the lodge I was staying at had a sombre air about it. Later I heard from hotel the hotel staff that the father of the family-run business had just passed away. So naturally their story came to mind.

I apologise for not commenting  much on last week’s flash fiction. Life has thrown me major life changes which has given me the most confusing mix of incredible joy and sadness at the same time. I promise to double my efforts this week and read as many of this week’s posts as I can.

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by the most talented artist and writer, Rochelle Wiesoff-Fields. The challenge is to write a story in 100 words or less. Click the blue frog icon to read more awesome flash fiction by more great writers. Make coffee, sit back and enjoy 30 second stories.


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53 thoughts on “Sunday lunch

  1. Beautiful story, as ever.
    I hope to be able to invest time enough on my children so they have happy memories to hold on to, when I am gone.
    Thanks so much for this week’s photo, Fatima.

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  2. A simple story, told with delicacy and precision. You capture the sense of the absent father beautifully. I like the way you have the brother reach out to her, and make her a cup of tea.

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  3. My heart goes out to you and wish you well. I hope writing the story made a difference to you.

    Great picture – do you know the species of tree. I ask because so far reading through people’s contributions we have, an oak, cypress, cedar, pine and a yew -n at least we all agree it is a tree.
    Best regards,

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    1. Thank you for you kind thoughts. I really appreciate it, James. Writing is cathartic, it’s true. I think the tree is some type of pine tree. I’m not too sure of the specific species. And I’m not sure if it is indigenous to the area, which is the Garden route in South Africa. But definitely some type of pine tree.

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  4. I completely empathized with your beautiful piece. Thank you for a lovely photo and also for sharing the background. Interestingly the picture spoke to me in a similar fashion 🙂

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  5. A sad, but also beautiful story. Great atmosphere. And thank you for the picture, it finally brought me back from a long ‘no ideas’ phase.


  6. That’s for the photo. Empty chairs, especially around a holiday, make us think of those who have passed on. I loved the brother’s compassion in this story. Well done.


  7. Beautiful photo prompt and story to go along with it. My story was about a dad’s passing, too, though my character still managed to have a tea party with him. 🙂 Thanks for the prompt. I’ve enjoyed the variety of stories it inspired! Hope whatever is going on in your life brings more joy than sadness.

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