Dead men tell no lies


The human body is capable of amazing things. Contortion is one. Bending with extreme flexibility. Just like Jimmy was now, crumpled into a lobster trap. Except that John had to break Jimmy’s legs at the knees to get it to fit. His face was blank and slack. Nothing left  of the shock that twisted his features looking down the barrel of John’s gun. Six bullets fired into his chest.

Now, pushing the trap off the boat into the water, John felt nothing of the cold shock that seeped into him when he found out Jimmy had betrayed him.

98 words

Brought back an old character from one of last year’s flash fiction, John the Baptist. Organised crime boss and ruthless with his enemies.

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by author Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Click the icon to read more flash fiction by other amazing writers. It is amazing to see the different stories and genre’s that an image can prompt. I’ll be impressed if this image courtesy of Liz Young inspires any romance stories!

25 thoughts on “Dead men tell no lies

    1. The backstory is they were long time business partners in crime, perhaps even going back to childhood friendship. For some reason, Jimmy sold John out and partnered up with his enemies. This is how he dealt with it.


    1. Thank you, Penny! John is vile and brutal and glad it showed. I imagined the two men were longtime business partners in crime, perhaps stemming from a childhood friendship forged in rough times. For some reason, Jimmy left John in the lurch and partnered up with his enemies. Maybe a deal going wrong? Something big enough to push Jimmy into betrayal.

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    1. I could only hint at the emotions that suggest the backstory. Jimmy betrayed a long time friend, criminal business partner and joined forces with John’s enemies. Something big must have caused Jimmy to betray an old friend in this way. John dealt with it in his usual violent way.

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    1. A betrayal of an old friend and criminal business partner who not only cheated you out of a huge deal, but joined forces with your enemies is a lot to handle (That’s the backstory I imagined). John did it in his usual violent way.

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