The curious case of the cinnamon sticks

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


Nancy loved pottering about with Mum. Today they were planting flowers. Or they would once Mum found her garden tools.

“It’s as if they crawl off on their own.” she muttered to herself digging through piles of junk in their garden shed.

“Maybe the gnomes came to borrow them.” mused Nancy.

Mum mumbled something about gnomes and arses.

Cinnamon sticks poked out off one shelf, catching Nancy’s eye.

“See! The gnomes replace what they borrow with cinnamon sticks.”

“Flip! so this is where I stuffed these bloody cinnamon sticks. Maybe I should check the spice cupboard for my garden tools.”

100 words

My very first instinct was to write some grisly murder / thriller. Images of leaves, dried twigs and wintry scenes has this effect on me. I pushed myself to find something different, stretch my creative muscles a bit. Get the rusty cogwheels turning. There’s a bundle of twigs on the makeshift shelving that look like cinnamon sticks. (Left on image). And I went with that!

Hope you enjoy the break from my dark side. Anyone who is a busy parent juggling work (housework or career or both), fitness habits, hobbies, child-rearing will know that feeling of confusion upon discovering misplaced items. And I doubt that Mum will find her tools in the spice cupboard. That would be too easy.

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32 thoughts on “The curious case of the cinnamon sticks

  1. I can totally relate to misplacing things. Just the other day I was frantically looking for my car keys…I looked and looked, only to find them in the same drawer I already looked several times before! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the realistic way you’ve had Mum censor her bad language for the sake of her daughter. And I love the gentle humour. It’s an excellent take on the prompt.


  3. Nice mother daughter bonding I wasnt aware that mothers could cuss until i was well into college ( that is, beyond the obligatory D*** word that accompanied getting burnt while ironing).
    Its sweet how comfortable they are together, friends through the generations. Now youre going to make me cry!😢


  4. Dear Fatima,

    I got a chuckle out of this one. Who amongst us don’t occasionally misplace something? We all need to write a happy story once in a while. 😉




  5. I did like this very much. I think it’s nice to go with the light side every once in a while. I especially like the fact that mum thinks her garden tools might be in the spice cabinet! 🙂


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