Chasing Destiny

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

“If you come back now, Mordow will forgive everything.” Samson called to her, his subordinates blocking the alley entrance behind him.

Reya’s heart squeezed at the sight of him. “You don’t know who they really are. Come with me, Sam.”

She thought she saw a flash in his eyes. Of love. “I’m not a traitor.”

“Your choice.” She scrambled over the slippery wall, landing in the piazza, crowded with tourists braving the rain. A sea of umbrellas spilled before her. She ran to the thickest part and looked back to see Samson standing on top of the wall. Searching hopelessly.

100 words

Trying to squeeze in my flash fiction for this week. Hope you all enjoy it. My story reflects my enduring search for Truth and Love. Which to me are the same thing. Truth exists despite lies, denial. So does Love. More than that, I’m learning that love shines a light on the truth. 

Thanks to Dale Rogerson for this week’s prompt. Such an awesome image, that I was struck with writer’s block for once. 

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields where the challenge is to write a story in 100 words or less.

Looks like we’re in Europe this week for my story. I experienced those crowded piazzas on a solo trip to Italy a few years ago. Awesome vibe. Amazing sights.

A woman I met, took this photo of me in front of Basilica Di San Marco (Saint Mark’s Cathedral).

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17 thoughts on “Chasing Destiny

  1. Hey I like this. I think I understood it better the second time I read it. But the problem with 100 word stories is they leave so many questions! I want to know what Reya did to need Mordow’s forgiveness, and if she and Samson – Sam to her – will meet again.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I was relying on the cliche of stories that we are familiar with for readers to fill in the gaps. Type of stories where someone discovers the truth about the organisation, company or government who trained them and go ‘rogue’ in their own search for truth. Think of the Bourne trilogy type of stories. Love makes this story more complex hopefully. Will Sam join Reya? Who knows? It’s also about choices and faced with the same truth, everyone makes a different choice.

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  2. It seems there’s more driving her than being in love and telling the truth. There’s also whether others will believe you. A lovely densely layered story here, Fatima


    1. He still serves the corrupt or evil organisation that she ran away from. He was sent to retrieve her. She feels he is still brainwashed or under their influence. And maybe also he wants her to come back because if she turns against them, he is forced to choose between love and loyalty for the organisation. Something like that.


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