PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

As soon as Amy Leigh saw the blindfold, she panicked. Voices collided around her and those tiny bells reverberated in her ear. Yet she allowed her teenage children to tie it around her head. They didn’t mean any harm. She tried focusing on the celebratory voices around her. But all she could hear was his voice. Husky. With bruised lust. Her jaw ached from gritting her teeth against the blood rushing through her body.

Finally, it loosened. Bright sunlight pierced her eyes. She blinked hard and found herself sat in front of a homemade chocolate cake.

“Happy Birthday, Mum!”

99 words

I have not been on the blogging scene for a few weeks. One of those times where life takes you for a spin in its new G-force machine. Looking forward to reconnecting with you all this week!

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Write a story in 100 words or less. Submit to the link below and join in the literary fun.


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33 thoughts on “Blindsided

  1. Powerfully written, Fatima!
    The realities of trauma – and its reminders – are well described.
    I feel for her. I applaud her for being able to muster through it. I also hope that she’d find a voice to say what does not work for her (perhaps just close her eyes herself next time, and not allow a blindfold…) so that her energy does not drain into the past even as she tries to remain in the present.
    Well done!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m glad Fatima.
        Your piece shines an important light on the realities of all too many in the world, who are walking wounded and trying with gritted teeth to manage what for many others seems mundane and neutral or even supposedly pleasurable. Raising awareness to such things is important, for the person with PTSD may – literally – be the person next door.


  2. You imply the backstory wonderfully well. The PTSD comes through clearly, and the abuse; and you leave the reader with tantalising questions by your mention of Amy’s teenage children, and the obvious love they have for their mom, and she has for them. That’s very clever, economical writing. Kudos!


  3. Too bad the voice that created so much arousal turned out to be that of her son. She should have known it like the back of her palm.


  4. Welcome back–I’ve noticed your absence, and it’s good to “see” you again.

    I love the happy ending here. Victory over a terrible earlier experience 🙂


  5. Very powerful. You’ve captured the moment so well – her panic, her determination to control herself for her children’s sake, and the wonderfully loving moment at the end.


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