Egg yolk dripped down the Range Rover’s windscreen. Sweat dripped down the side of Joanna’s face. Turned out hurling eggs was tiring. Would the sight of his egg-covered car be enough to make Nick’s blood boil? A part of her felt bad. But, Nick should know his cheating days are over.

Joanna knew she could make him happier than that cow ever did. His indecisiveness drove her mad. That’s why she had to help him decide. Leave your wife, Nick. Choose me. I told you she was crazy, Nick. See what she did to your car?

Joanna threw another egg.

100 words


Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Write a story in 100 words or less. Click the frog to submit your flash fiction and read what others’ have written.

32 thoughts on “Flipped

  1. That is a great story! So brief yet is says so much! Funny because I have an idea for a book I want to write and it is around “cheating”. Since that is kind of cliche for a book I have to figure out a good twist for the plot. Have a good day!

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    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for you kind feedback. I’m still learning the craft of storytelling myself so it’s always really nice to read positive comments. Cheating is common in books, true. But I think you’re off to a great start in working out a more complex plot. Good Luck and Happy Writing.

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  2. Dear Fatima,

    Draliman took the words right from under my fingers. I’d say Joanna doesn’t have a lot of room to call Nick’s wife crazy. 😉 Well crafted story from the other woman’s POV.



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  3. “I dug my key into the side
    Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive
    Carved my name into his leather seats
    I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights
    I slashed a hole in all four tires
    Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.”

    I have always loved this song — and now it’s stuck in my head for the day — but you’ve definitely given it a new twist! Good writing job.

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  4. I love the visual of the egg dripping and the sweat dripping down her face! There is a steaminess coming through in her anger and heat! Beautifully done


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