A change of heart

She felt her heart retreat into herself, away from him. She could no longer love him. Not anymore, not after this.

He had promised to change, to be better, to be what she needed. It is not just that he cheated again, but that it never stopped. The affairs and one night stands continued through the repairs of their marital breakdown.

They were building trust, a life together, learning to love again. Or so she thought.

She didnt know what hurt more, that he deceived her again or that she bought into it despite all the nagging fears in her head. But not anymore.

He can’t really love her if he can be so tender while lying to her. He can’t care about her if he can use the little trust he had to cheat again. She says ‘can’t’ instead of ‘doesn’t’ because she feels he is incapable of caring for another person. Or maybe she saw it this way through the love that still remained. But not anymore.

She felt her heart retreat into herself, where she could be sure of the love she would find there.