When we were friends 

           PHOTO PROMPT © Liz Young

Shona pulled up her collar. A fine mist gathered around the group, complicit in their betrayal.

Everything about death was cold. Light leaves the eyes. Blood stops flowing, warmth dissipates. But this arm, though limp in her grasp, felt warm.

She wished she could turn back time. Just an hour. Before it all went wrong. She knew they were on the point of no return as they tossed their friend into the shallow hole in the ground, and covered her with dirt. Shona watched till the dirt piled high, then they patted it flat and covered it with dry leaves.

100 words

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by the awesome Rochelle where we’re challenged to write flash fiction, an entire story with beginning, middle and end in 100 words or less.

Click to read more flash fiction. 


26 thoughts on “When we were friends 

    1. Hopefully they will turn on each other as the distrust takes hold and get what they deserve. Perhaps a bunch of teenagers wanted to teach their friend a lesson and it went horribly wrong, and they cover up their misdeed.


    1. They didn’t check for a pulse. It hints that they probably wanted to get rid of her, to hide whatever misdeed took place before. Despite some regret, they didn’t want to be found out. Thank you for the photo Liz 😊


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