The Wishing Chair


The cold water sent shivers up her spine, but Mariyah sloshed towards the chair. She remembered the old lady’s advice, Go to the Wishing Chair. But wish for only what your heart wants most.

She sensed a warning in her words. She had a choice to make. Go to the wizard school as her parents wanted, or write for The Jupiter Daily. Her heart swelled at the thought of the newspaper, but she reigned it in with a deep breath.

Sitting in the hard chair, she wished, “May whatever happen be for the best.”

The chair remained still. Good.

99 words



Written for my favourite flash fiction: Friday Fictioneers hosted by the awesome Rochelle.

Write an entire story in 100 words or less. Go!

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17 thoughts on “The Wishing Chair

    1. Thank you Rochelle. Being the author I thought she was going to go for her dreams as a writer. But your comment gave me insight into my own character! She could definitely have chosen Wizards’ school too. Would end just as well.


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