Tell me lies


Ameeruddin didn’t like movies. Newspapers, religious and political chatter entertained him enough. For Aisha, wash day blues took on a jealousy-fueled meaning when she discovered the ticket stubs in his jean’s pocket. Double tickets.

At dinner she suggested they go to watch the very same movie. He declined, feigning distinterest in superhero nonsense. “Besides, I’d rather take you to a romantic dinner at The Moghul.”

She smiled. Received his kiss. And later, cocooned in his post-coital embrace, willingly cast aside the mysterious movie companion in favour of hope and affection that was far easier for her tired heart to grasp.

100 words

Written for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the inspiring Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Write a story in 100 words or less. Submit to the link below and join this fun community of writers.


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14 thoughts on “Tell me lies

  1. She’s a complex character. If you wanted to expand this, you’d be onto an interesting theme, making the reader wonder whether she’d be able to keep it up


  2. Super story, Fatima. You’ve made Aisha a complex character, with interesting emotions. I love your final sentence. The words “in favour of hope and affection that was far easier for her tired heart to grasp” suggest that she had been deceived before.


  3. You have described an intricate scenario that is resonant for anyone who works to the limits and has not a shred of energy to do anymore. I agree with another comment that this character could be expanded into a bigger story.


  4. Good story-writing, but it makes me kind of sad that he’s lying to her and she’s too worn out to fight back. Gentle acceptance is going to come to no good end, I think.


  5. Very real to life dilemma. This is a situation where you decide to pick your battle. I think I would look at the ticket stubs to determine the day and time he went to the movie, then allow him to take me to a nice dinner before I decide whether to take further action. Great short story.


  6. But then years later she will likely get blindsided when he has “fallen in love with someone else.”


  7. It’s sad that she’s letting this matter go. How long will she continue to discover the double tickets when she’s doing the laundry before she decides to put her foot down?


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